Demomaking since 1994. Abusing computer hardware is not a crime!

PLUSH is a group of computer addicted band together making funny, noisy and colorfull productions mainly on the good old Commodore64 but also (ab)using other hardware like PC, Atari VCS, GameBoy...

Here is the short story how all this begun:

All started in feburary 1994, when the members of the MipMap-Brothers (TMMB) merged with some other guy to found a new group called 'plush'.

Like in TMMB, activities concentrated on developing demos on the Commodore 64. Eversince the main point was to have fun, not to storm the charts. From beginning, it was tried to achieve an own style and to keep a certain level of quality. Having started with 5 members the group grew quite fast with members coming an going, bringing a reasonable amount of scene-productions to live. With nowadays slowly starving c64-scene we are still active, especially due new members like krill, fanta and dgazz.

To broaden activities we will additionally try to do more productions on other systems like pc, consoles and stuff coming up in the near future.

Coding at home is fun but going to a party with pals and beer is even more fun! The PLUSH posse was and is going to a lot of great meetings like Datalive, The Tribute, The Party,Symposium, Convention, Siliconvention(CoOrganizer), Mekka/Symposium, Comparade, Interjam, X, Breakpoint and many more.
We also (still) organizing mostly internal meetings (with some friends and fans like The Dreams,...). The "Plush Meetings" held on a yearly base all over the country in plush members hometowns.