A band of hackers to rule them all...

... Brix Coder, Graphics Artist
Started coding BASIC in computer stores, because he could not afford an own computer in the age of 14.
Met the Comic Pirates members Flim-Flam Dener and PJ Dynamix in 1991 to join the scene as a graphics artist. Became a coder at the Comic Pirates, had a short stint at Excess in 1994 and joined Plush in 1995. Ex-editor of the disc magazine "Network" and the papermag "GO64!". Regarded an inactive, honorary member of Excess. Working as professional programmer today with focus on Java/Swing and Angular.
... Caprice Design Graphics Artist
... Cosowi Musician
Cosowi founded the German Commodore 64 fanzine GO64! in 1996. The main focus of his publishing is to support the Demo- and Retroscene with professional books and magazines. As collector of Commodore 8-Bit machines above fifteen years he has a wealth of Commodore Computers.
... dGAZz Musician
Started computing at the age of eleven. Got fascinated by the bleeps and blops of the SID-Chip. Also producing mindblowing .mod tunes. -
... Dow Jones Coder
Went AWOL.
... Eyesee Graphics Artist
... Gangstar Musician
... Honk Co-Organizer
... Krill Coder
... Map Coder, Organizer
... Mip Graphics Artist
... RaDi Coder
His Computer addiction started 1990 with the 1st own C64. Unfortunatelly mostly used for gaming. In 1997 he met Seba and tecM0 at university. Started coding in C and never got deep into C64 Assembler world. In 2020 he joined Plush and released his 1st 64k intro at Mekka&Symposium followed by some other PC releases. Due the lack of time his focus is now on 4k intros. 2009 his 1st 4k Gfx production was released at Breakpoint. Maybe we'll see some 1k intros soon because his job is eatin' more and more time.
... Seba Graphics Artist
In 1988 he got his first own C128 in the age of 11 (a gift from West Germany that was smuggled from the father into the GDR). In this time, first graphic experiments with the C64 graphics and layout program "Print Master" take place. 1990 foundation of SCT (Cracking Secret Team), publication of some schoolyard diskmags. 1992 Foundation of Necronom merged in 1994 with TMMB to Plush. Since 2001, editor and layout of the German Papermags "GO64", which later renamed in "Retro".
... Skate Coder
First met with computers in 1986 at a very early age. After using Atari 800XL for a year, switched to Commodore 64 in 1987 and stayed on this platform. Same year chose 'skate' for game highscore lists which later became his permanent scene handle. Started with basic and while trying to figure out how a single basic line (sys XXXX) does all the magic, met with assembly. Built his first scene group in 1989-1990 era under 'Thunders' label which was a lame cracking group but also thought a lot to him both about scene and coding. Become a part of Turkish and International groups like Ascraeus, Bronx, Sonic Dreams, Pentagram and Glance as a coder in c64 scene. Also built a PC scene group named 'Clash' and released some independent cooperation demos in PC scene. Currently working as a Software Dept. Coord. at a security systems company and designing&developing security camera applications.
... tecM0 Coder
Got in touch with computers in the mid 80s (crude GDR stuff like KC85/3, PC1715,...). Started gaming and basic coding when seba got his C128. After the GDR broke down he spend his 1st bucks for a C64. Gaming suxxx so he assembled his 1st effects. Joined LowerLevel. Got in touch with Map, Mip&Honk over the Computerflomarkt-Magazine. Joined TMMB and formed PLUSH just months later. Was working as a webdeveloper in the last years and doing a additional education as media designer at the moment.
... V.O. Coder, Graphics Artist
Coder of the superb C64 game "Crazy News". Joined Plush as GFX artist and coder. Founder/Leader of the common creative movie production company "VEB Film".

Some pals left us for different and (here) untold reasons so we will give respect and thank the following ex members for their work: Fanta, Brisco, Echo and Mystic: THX and best wishes for the future!